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How to Amend Your Taxes

Every year there are plenty of taxpayers who file a return with the IRS and then need to change it. The only way to do this is to prepare and submit an amended return, Form 1040X [Amended U.S. Individual Income … Continue reading

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Nas’s Back Tax Troubles Get Worse

Nas’s new album may be titled Life Is Good, but that hardly describes the state of the Queensbridge rapper’s financial affairs. Turns out the man behind Illmatic owes the IRS a whopping $6 million in back taxes. In fact, the … Continue reading

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IRS Offers Back Tax Help to Struggling Taxpayers

The dark back tax cloud got a bit of a silver lining earlier this month when the IRS announced it was expanding its ‘Fresh Start’ initiative to alleviate the back tax burden on unemployed and self-employed taxpayers who have been … Continue reading

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Avoid the Penalty for Filing Federal Taxes Late

We here at LateTax have already written about all the reasons for filing late income taxes if you are due a refund. (You could get money back! With no penalties!) But what happens if you are filing a late tax … Continue reading

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Apply for a Late Tax Filing Extension from the IRS

There are a number of good reasons you should late file your federal taxes, whether you foresee missing this year’s deadline or omitted to file your taxes from previous years. Foremost, you could be due a refund, in which case … Continue reading

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Late Tax Filing of Federal Taxes Could Still Mean a Refund

Okay, so you missed the deadline to file taxes. Now you’re wondering why you should even bother with a late filing of federal taxes. If the IRS isn’t on your case about it by now, why put yourself through all … Continue reading

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File Federal Income Tax Late Even without an Extension

Obviously, submitting an extension is the best case scenario when it comes to filing federal income tax late, but if the April tax deadline took you by surprise, or you haven’t filed a return from several years ago, then you … Continue reading

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